Online sharing and collaboration for point clouds and 3D models.

Capture it. Process it. Share it. Deliver more value, together.


We make working together on your 3D projects simple but powerful

Visualize point clouds
and 3D modelsStream your rich point cloud and 3D model data on any device

Measure, mark up
and annotateMeasure, analyze and label your models. Make notes to revisit later or share.

Share, communicate
and collaborateSecurely share projects and progress updates with your team or clients without the need for third party software.

Point clouds
in your pocketWhether you're in the office, out on site, or anywhere in between, you'll have access to your data.

Revisit your projects
anytimeWith Clarity's world view, you'll easily locate your projects without the need to search across folders.


Seamless workflows between the field and the office

Trimble Clarity works with the data from any hardware including the Trimble SX10, X7 and Mobile Mapping technology.

Simply sync with your favorite applications such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or Trimble Connect and upload your point cloud data (.las, .laz, .e57) and 3D models (.skp, .ifc, .obj, .dae). Or, if you're working in Trimble Business Center, you can publish directly to Clarity.


Trimble Clarity Applications

Distributed teams with local needs

Visually share your progress with your internal and external stakeholders no matter where they are. With everyone on the same page, you'll minimize rework and keep your project on time and on budget.

Win more customers

Publicly share Trimble Clarity links on your website and in your marketing and sales material to win more business. Share links directly from Trimble Clarity to social media to engage your audience.


Ready to share your point clouds?

Test out Clarity with a free trial, or, for access to more projects and features, skip straight to one of our paid subscriptions.



  • 5 projects
  • Unlimited shares
  • Up to 2 members
  • $375 USD per year*
*Pricing may vary by currency and region


  • 40 projects
  • Unlimited shares
  • Up to 10 members
  • $3,132 USD per year*
*Pricing may vary by currency and region


  • 100 projects
  • Unlimited shares
  • Up to 50 members
  • $6,840 USD per year*
*Pricing may vary by currency and region


  • 500 projects
  • Unlimited shares
  • Up to 100 members
  • $21,000 USD per year*
*Pricing may vary by currency and region


What is Trimble Clarity?

Trimble Clarity is a browser-based viewer for point cloud and 3D model data that can be used on any device with an internet connection.
It can be used to share projects and progress updates with your team or your clients, and allows them to interact with the data without having to have 3rd party software installed on their computer.
It can also be used to share your projects and services in your marketing and sales material to win more business.

What Problem Does Trimble Clarity Solve?

  1. Eliminates the need for complex software to present your projects to stakeholders.
  2. Avoids information bottlenecks by putting accurate, up-to-date information in the hands of teams making important day-to-day decisions
  3. Improves the speed of communication; reduces the risk of misunderstandings and costly mistakes.
  4. Extends the value of highly visual geospatial data by allowing you to combine BIM and point cloud to quickly and accurately analyze project conditions prior to commencing the construction process.

Who Should Use Trimble Clarity?

Anyone wanting to manage and share unlimited amounts of point clouds, images, and models making them instantly visible to derive actionable insights.
There is no need to be a spatial data expert or buy expensive software or hardware, you can easily use Trimble Clarity via any browser on any device.

How Does Trimble Clarity Work?

  1. Capture and Process your Field Data point clouds, images, and models
  2. Upload to Cloud Storage or Send Direct via Trimble Business Center or file upload
  3. Data is conditioned to view and use within minutes
  4. View, analyse, annotate and share your projects directly with your clients

What do I need to get started with Trimble Clarity?

You can access Trimble Clarity from any device with an internet connection. Navigate to and sign in or sign up.

How do I use Trimble Clarity?

The best way to find out how to use Trimble Clarity is to sign up and get started! Follow the on screen prompts and tutorials to navigate your way around.

Do I need any special hardware to use Trimble Clarity?

No, Trimble Clarity is hardware agnostic.

How do I upload my point cloud and 3D model data into Trimble Clarity?

You can upload data in any of the following file types: .las, .laz, .e57, .skp (SketchUp), .ifc, .obj, .dae, .kmz/.kml. You can upload from anywhere you store your data – DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Trimble Connect, or directly from your hard drive.

Can I use Trimble Clarity with Trimble Business Center (TBC)?

Yes. If you are a TBC user and you have an active account with Trimble Clarity, there is a command within TBC which sends your data directly to Clarity.

Can I use Trimble Clarity with Trimble RealWorks (TRW)?

Yes, simply export your point cloud to a supported format and upload it into Trimble Clarity.


What happens when I reach my limit of two projects in the free version?

You will be able to revisit your two projects. If you'd like to upload and collaborate on more projects, you will need to subscribe to the business, professional, or enterprise version of Trimble Clarity.

What is a member?

A member is someone you invite into your Clarity 'world' so they can see all of your projects, not just individual ones. Permission levels can be set for members depending on the role you'd like them to have, anywhere from having the same permissions as the account owner you, to only being able to view projects, or access specific tools. The members feature is only available to our Business, Professional and Enterprise subscribers. It is not part of our free version.

How can I purchase a subscription to Trimble Clarity?

To purchase Trimble Clarity, please fill in the form on and we will direct this to your local Trimble Geospatial distributor. Or, you can contact them directly.

How often will I need to pay for Trimble Clarity?

The Trimble Clarity subscription is priced per 12 months. You will need to pay on purchasing your subscription and then every 12 months thereafter. Your local distributor will contact you when it is time to renew. Please see the pricing and plans section of the website for your local pricing.

What is a Project in Trimble Clarity?

A Project is a single point cloud or model no matter the size of the data. Images or panos coming from a laser scanner will not count as an individual Project.


What browser does Trimble Clarity support?

Trimble Clarity supports all modern browsers across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

What is a Trimble Identity (Trimble ID)?

A Trimble ID (or TID) is a unique account identity linked to your email address. You can use your Trimble ID to associate and assign applications, services, and subscriptions from many different parts of Trimble. To change or modify information on your Trimble ID go to

What languages are supported?

Trimble Clarity is currently available in English with others coming soon.

How do I get support for Trimble Clarity?

Please speak to your distributor for support with Trimble Clarity. You can also join the conversation with other Trimble Clarity users on the Trimble Community.

I have a suggestion for an enhancement in Trimble Clarity. Where can I send it?

For feature suggestions and enhancements, please speak to us and we will be able to feed this back to Trimble.


Where is the Trimble Clarity data stored?

Trimble Clarity processes point cloud and model data for streaming. The processed data is housed in the Trimble Cloud which uses Amazon Web Services. The main storage location is USA East and uses CloudFront to ensure appropriate speeds to any location. Due to in-country limitations, certain countries cannot use Trimble Clarity.

Does Trimble Clarity meet data privacy standards (i.e. GDPR in Europe)?

At Trimble, we are committed to your privacy. To make good on that promise, we've created a Privacy Center, where you'll learn all about our approach to your privacy

Where do I go if I have data privacy questions?

For data protection questions related to Trimble Clarity, visit

Trimble Clarity

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